A journey three generations long that brings a constant desire to grow together with people and clients, following the evolution of society and the market. A history of a family business that today, just as in 1947, sees us engaged in the forefront to lead a captivating project that weaves together experience and energy, organizational capacity, and the spirit of innovation.

A company founded in 1947 as a local Vigilance Institute in the province of Turin dedicated to traditional services. Telecontrol has evolved by expanding its territorial presence extensively in Piedmont, Lombardy, and Valle d’Aosta and increasing its range of services to the entire national territory, becoming one of the most technologically advanced companies in Italy.

Our history has always been defined by the ability to integrate two crucial components: trust in the men and women who work with us and a passion for new technologies applied to security.

Expertise, technology, professionalism, an established working methodology, and an organizational model are the winning factors of a strategy that has convinced more than 16,000 clients of Italy’s most important industrial and commercial realities to choose us to protect the security of their businesses, assets, and people.


Our history began in 1947. A family business that looks toward the future with the same passion and dedication as in the beginning.


We are always close to you, from neighborhood to neighborhood and from city to city. You will never be alone.


Through continuous training, we aim for excellence with professionalism, seriousness, and confidentiality.


We want to be your one-stop security partner guaranteeing the reliability you have always sought.


We have always wanted to be by your side to protect and guard the things that are most important to you. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

With a more than 70-year history, Telecontrol has become a prominent leader in private security in Italy.


Telecontrol was founded in 1947 by the resourcefulness and determination of one man, cav. Rocco Campanale. Only two years after the end of the war, he acquired a Vigilance Institute from the competent authority in Chieri, and thus, Vigilanza of Rivoli was born.


The company grew in the number of clients and employees, quickly becoming a recognized entity in the province of Turin. In the mid-1970s, with the growth of industrialization and crime, Vigilanza di Rivoli began its first technological evolution that coincided with the entrance of Mr. Paolo Brendolan as the second generation into the company. At that time, the company would be the first Vigilance institute to make extensive use of cutting-edge technologies from the United Kingdom through the first anti-theft systems connected to the Operations Center. The company name change from Istituto di Vigilanza di Rivoli to Telecontrol Vigilanza dates back to these years.


These were the years of growth and specialization: Telecontrol Impianti was established, dedicated to the installation and maintenance of security systems, and Telecontrol Servizi, a concierge and Reception company.


With the arrival of the third generation, the company continues to grow by expanding its territorial presence: the acquisition of Argus sud-ovest srl. would bring the company to work in the province of Cuneo, while that of Ambrosiana Vigilanza srl. in the province of Milan. The establishment of the company Sicursì srl. will allow the Telecontrol Group to operate as a general contractor nationwide.

Telecontrol today

Telecontrol took over TechCo Italia, a system integrator of security technology systems for banks and multinational corporations. The SicurezzaH24 brand was established and geared toward the security of private homes and stores. The decision made in 2020 was to create a single company that incorporated all services and represented a single interlocutor for customers in the market: TELECONTROL. The corporate reorganization involved a new organizational structure centered on the Operations Center: the ambition remains to be the No. 1 MONITORING CENTER IN ITALY.


Our working method is the product of years of experience, allowing us to know how to meet clients’ needs. Our security culture is born and developed from; the integration of technology, expertise, and human resources. At the disposal of each client is a well-organized and efficient structure that can respond competently to [ specific needs. Working in synergy are the sales office and technical office, the Operations Center and IT office, teams of installation and maintenance technicians, and Armed Guard patrols on the ground. A group of motivated and constantly updated persons who make their professionalism available to our clients, strengthening the Telecontrol brand recognized in the market for its excellent reliability, seriousness, and honesty.