One of Telecontrol’s main objectives is to fully meet the client’s needs by delivering services with the utmost care and professionalism, with a view to continuous quality improvement, while respecting the environment and the Health and Safety of its staff.

With this in mind, Telecontrol certifications are vital components in ensuring that its clients implement and fully comply with principles and operating methods designed to maintain agreed high-quality standards.

In addition to all internal processes, Telecontrol partners who are entrusted with intervention and installation services are also subjected to continuous internal audits designed to assess their quality and efficiency.

To ensure its Organization’s compliance with regulatory standards, per the request of stakeholders and applicable mandatory standards, Telecontrol has implemented an Integrated Management System for

  • Provision of the following services: Inspectional surveillance inspection, fixed, anti-theft, tele-surveillance, tele-vigilance, and alarm intervention, escort, and transportation of valuables.
  • Provision of concierge services.
  • Design, installation and after-sales technical support of security, televideo surveillance, fire detection and access control systems.



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management System
To ensure the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of procedures for streamlining business activities and ensuring client focus.

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UNI ISO 45001:2018: Occupational health and safety management system
To ensure the ability to prevent, eliminate or minimize risks to its personnel and stakeholders and to protect their health and safety.

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UNI 10891:2022 Vigilance Services: Services- Private Vigilance
Institutions Following Ministerial Decree 115/2014, Ministerial Decree 269/2010 as amended by Ministerial Decree 56/2015 and Disciplinary Regulations of the Chief of Police dated 24/02/2015, which dictate stringent rules regarding the technical and quality requirements of private security institutions.

Telecontrol has achieved Certification Category I about ‘Provision of Vigilance Services.

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UNI CEI EN 50518:2020: Alarm Monitoring and Receiving Center
To define the structural, performance, and organizational aspects of Operations Centers.
Telecontrol has achieved Certification Category II for its Milan Operations Center.

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UNI EN ISO 14001:2015: Environmental Management System
To prevent environmental impacts and to protect the natural environment from effects resulting from its activities.

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ATTESTAZIONE SOA: Mandatory certification for participation in tenders
Certification of qualification for the execution of public works per D.PR. 207/2010 (SOA attestation) for the categories of works as OS5 – pneumatic and anti-intrusion systems and OS30 – electrical, telephone, radiotelephonic, and televised entire systems.

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Telecontrol has obtained the legality rating, a tool aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior in the corporate sphere through the awarding of recognition for compliance with legality and, more generally, the degree of attention placed on the proper management of its business. The legality rating awarded by the Anti-trust Authority, AGCM.

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UNI 10459:2017 Security Professionals
As required by DM 269/2010, a Security Manager has been appointed to manage all aspects related to Corporate Security. Telecontrol, recognizing the importance of this knowledge, has trained other professionals.

DM 154/2009: Regulations for entrusting subsidiary security services
To carry out the services defined in DM 154, Telecontrol has identified a group of Operational Managers who have obtained the title of Technical Director for, land transport subsidiary security services.

IMQ FIRE-EVAC: Fire Detection Scope Certification
Considering the delicacy and importance of fire prevention, Telecontrol has promoted the certification of a group of Technicians with specialized skills for the maintenance of automatic and manual fire detection and audio evacuation systems.


DM 269/2010: Regulation of Vigilance Institutes

Telecontrol has obtained prefectural authorization as a Vigilance Institution operating in territorial scope 5 (ultra-provincial territorial scope with a population over 15 million), in the provinces of:

  1. Milano,
  2. Alessandria,
  3. Aosta (limitatamente ai comuni di Aosta, Arnad, Aymavilles, Bard, Brissogne, Challand Saint Victor, Chambave, Champdepraz, Charvesnod, Chatillon, Donnas, Fenis, Gressan, Hone, Introd, Issogne, Jovencan, Mont Jovet, Nus, Pollein, Pont Saint Martin, Pontey, Quart, Saint Christophe, Saint Denis, Saint Marcel, Saint Nicolas, Saint Pierre, Saint Vincent, Sarre, Verrayes, Verres e Villeneuve),
  4. Cuneo,
  5. Monza e Brianza,
  6. Torino,

to provide inspection supervision services, including the use of canine units, fixed, anti-theft, anti-shoplifting, remote surveillance, televigilance, safekeeping, escorting and transporting valuables.

DM 154/2009: Regulations for entrusting subsidiary security services

Telecontrol is also authorized to provide subsidiary security services within railway and subway stations.

Article 115 of the TULPS: Commercial intermediation.

Telecontrol is authorized to network activities for surveillance services in the national territory.


IWAY Standard

Telecontrol has demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the IWAY standard in the areas of environment and socio-working conditions, passing the audit conducted by the client each time.

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ETHICAL TRADE CODE (Code of Conduct)

Telecontrol has obtained SMETA certification, resulting in enrollment on the Sedex platform, demonstrating that it operates ethically and complies with the labor, health and safety, business ethics, and environmental standards outlined in the Ethical trade code.

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