A full range of solutions to protect your business across the country



We can be your single point of contact nationwide for brokering, coordinating, and monitoring security systems, video, and remote surveillance, firefighting, and private security remote services, to meet all of our Clients’ needs. 

We are already present in the sectors of large retailers, retail chains, luxury, and banks all over Italy. 

We can propose our services nationwide thanks to the best partners with a widespread presence in the territory, following Article 115 T.U.L.P.S.                     

Thanks to this network, we can be reached wherever needed with the help of our nationally certified partners who guarantee services and installations according to our high standards. 


Video surveillance and video alarm services increase the effectiveness of traditional intrusion detection systems by becoming an indispensable aid in protecting property and people.

Video camera installation at sites to be protected allows the Telecontrol Operations Center to more accurately identify danger and emergencies and thus activate the correct intervention procedures.

In the event of an alarm, the Operations Center will check the images sent by the CCTV system “remotely,” which will allow an initial assessment of the incident that caused the alarm. This information will be valuable to direct the Security Guards intervening on site (presence of suspicious individuals, smoke, flooding, open doors). In case of an actual break-in, Law Enforcement will be alerted immediately.

Telecontrol takes care of the entire process: from analizing your needs to system design, installation and maintenance, monitoring and connection to the Central Office, alarm management, and patrol intervention.


Telecontrol designs and installs access control solutions, assessing the client’s needs and integrating them with the systems already in place.

Telecontrol takes care of the entire process: from system design, installation and maintenance, possible connection and monitoring from the Central Office, and definition and management of procedures agreed with the client.

Telecontrol’s Technical Department conducts continuous research into increasingly innovative products and technologies in the area of access control:

  • Access control terminals;
  • Presence detection;
  • Barriers, turnstiles and gates;
  • License plate reading systems


Telecontrol specializes in the professional design and installation of fire detection systems (UNI 9795 – 2010) and their proper maintenance, according to UNI 11224.

The standard for fire-detecting systems, UNI 9795 Fixed automatic fire detection and alarm signalling systems, requires alarm installation and fault transmission device connected to an alarm receiving center (ARC) that complies with UNI ENI 54-21 manned 24H. These connections are required for all those installations subject to CPI without direct and continuous control.

Telecontrol can provide support during all phases of system compliance with fire detection and prevention regulations: design, installation, and periodic maintenance of the system; connection to the EN 50518-certified Telecontrol Operations Center (ARC); and intervention by qualified personnel.

Telecontrol’s Technical Department conducts continuous research into increasingly innovative products and technologies in fire detection and is responsible for the ongoing training and updating of technical personnel dedicated to installation and maintenance.