Artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the service of video analytics and Televigilance.

Twenty-eight years after the invention of the first webcam, we have reached the era of the development of video analytics systems equipped with artificial intelligence that has changed our habits and our perception of security.

Thanks to such technological development, it is now possible to create suitable video surveillance systems (VSS) by utilizing AI.  It can perform multiple functions in security and safety of complete assistance to security operators, significantly reducing the efficiency GAP constituted by false alarms.

In technical terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that allows the programming and design of hardware and software systems that enable machines to be equipped with characteristics considered typically human such as, for example, visual, spatiotemporal, and decision-making perceptions.

Among its many features, A.I. offers a new approach to extracting content from surveillance camera images, relying on the latest Deep Learning technologies.

Deep Learning, or profound acquisition, is a technology inspired by how the human brain works; it relies on a layered learning process to enable the processor to classify and store data. It is a cumulative process where multiple elements are captured, thus improving the precision and accuracy of the information provided.

The advantages of this technology for face recognition and Image classification make it highly competitive in the security field.

Applications range from face or vehicle recognition to analyzing behavior rather than just changing situations in the filmed area and can generate specific “alerts” to security operators.

Some examples in the application area:


  • Monitor access to prohibited, well-defined areas within a software-configured virtual area, even in harsh environmental conditions (rain, snow, etc.);
  • Receive alarms in case a preconfigured virtual line is crossed;
  • Classify subjects by shape and size;
  • Recognize license plates of vehicles and allow automatic gate opening upon recognition.
  • The systems can be fully integrated with electronic access controls;
  • A count of people in transit is possible;
  • Recognize overheating/fire zones through thermal optics;
  • Face recognition;
  • Man-down recognition;
  • Recognizing and alarm dispatching for abandoned objects in defined areas previously configured by software;
  • Possibility of connection with anti-intrusion and anti-theft systems;
  • Management of functionality remotely via APP in complete security.


One of the main functions of “Deep Learning” is “Unusually Activity Detection,” which conducts a study of habitual activities, generating an alert if abnormal situations are detected, for example, a person running or a vehicle going the wrong way, without any configuration needed, but only through artificial intelligence.

Some examples:

Vehicle classification

AI allows the classification of vehicles by subcategories. The system can automatically differentiate five types of motorized vehicles,  recognizing them when searching for recorded images or signaling their transit in alarming situations.

Automobile; truck; bus; motorcycle; bicycle.

“Appearance Search” technology

By starting with a recorded image of a subject in a frame or an uploaded photo, the system can search and enter into a grid all clips containing subjects that resemble the person concerned from the system’s cameras. The operator can review the clip and confirm whether it is the same subject. As it does so, the algorithm learns more and more and can refine the results until the event is reconstructed entirely.

Without a source image, you search the system for a subject by giving their physical description (gender, child or adult, hair color, and clothing (top and bottom). In this way, it’s possible to search rapidly for a subject, for example, a lost child, and view their path or the last camera from which they were filmed, and send security officers immediately.

If you are interested in a VSS with A.I.  integration capabilities, our Sales Team and security professionals are available to advise you on the most suitable products for your security needs.